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  self braking belay device DESANT CLASSIC  
self braking belay device DESANT CLASSIC

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  The gear4rocks DESANT-CLASSIC is a multi-function self-braking belay device. During descending climber hold the handle, adjust descending speed by handle pressure. If a climber don't hold a handle then DESANT-CLASSIC will stop the descending or fall by blocking the rope. After a climber regains control he/she can continue to ascend or descend. The gear4rocks DESANT-CLASSIC can be used in conjunction with an upper prusik or jumar when ascending a single rope and works well alone when climbing or downclimbing along a static rope or handline. It’s self-locking feature also allows a lead climber to belay the second off a fixed anchor.
The DESANT-CLASSIC’s design is based on UIAA standards and holds 4 kN force on dynamic and static style sheathed climbing ropes between 8-12mm. The blocking mechanism has no sharp spines or teeth so it will not damage your rope. Maximum working load for the grip is 150 kg.
Before use ensure that the diameter and weight of the rope is sufficient by rapidly loading the device by pulling on the attached quicklink or runner. The DESANT-CLASSIC should quickly grab the rope. After every use inspect the DESANT-CLASSIC and clean the blocking mechanism of any dirt.
Allow the DESANT-CLASSIC to naturally track your movements. When ascending or descending do not touch the DESANT-CLASSIC casing, instead adjust it’s location by pulling the attached quick draw or runner. Grabbing the DESANT-CLASSIC during a fall may cause severe pinching of body parts and may retard the time it takes for the DESANT-CLASSIC to grab the rope. Ensure that only a locked carabineer is used with the DESANT-CLASSIC.
When ascending or descending near the lower end of a static rope the weight of the rope may be insufficient. Add weight, anchor the rope end, or have a partner hold the rope taught.
DESANT-CLASSIC is designed to take the weight of one person in a static climbing setting. If a situation occurs where DESANT-CLASSIC was involved in a hard or dynamic fall, it is important to retire the DESANT-CLASSIC. There are appropriate and inappropriate uses of blocking ascenders. Use the DESANT-CLASSIC only after necessary training under the advice of a professional climber.

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load, kg.
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Climbing is a dangerous activity and proper training is necessary before using any kind of climbing gear. If you are unsure of the proper use of any piece of climbing equipment do not use it until you have sufficient safety training and experience.


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