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  aluminum/steel 50/34 mm self jamming single pulley  
aluminum/steel 50/34 mm self jamming single pulley

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  Light, slick, reliable and cheap. The gear4rocks line of pulleys is perfect for performing rescue operations, arborist work, wall hauling equipment, tensioning long slack lines or jerry rigging your way out of trouble. But we also see a lot of customers from industry, agriculture and the sailing community buying our pulleys (block and tackle). The anodized steel casing and aluminum alloy wheel accommodates rope or steel cable between 12 mm and 8 mm diameter. Pulley axle are heat treated steel. Rotating housing allows attachment at any location along the rope. At these prices you can secure a few extra.
  • Very efficient for capture of progress while hauling
  • steel casing
  • aluminum alloy pulley wheel
  • accepts rope and steel cable 8 mm to 12 mm in diameter
  • can be locked in open position so device can be used as a simple pulley
  • 900 kg maximum cam load
  • heavy duty but constructed to never damage rope
  • anodized steel
  • sealed ball bearing
  • easy to service and inspect
  • great pulley for rescue, ice climbing, rock climbing, tree climbing, mountaineering, arborist work, fire & rescue, slacklining, ziplines, wall hauling, etc.
  • great industrial block and tackle for yachting.
  • colors vary
  • 30 day money back guarantee
Check out the other gear4rocks pulley designs. We offer pulleys with 35mm, 50mm, 65mm or 78mm wheels in single, double and tandem pulley configurations.

roller diameter, mm strength, kN weight, kg.
50/34 30 0.470


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Climbing is a dangerous activity and proper training is necessary before using any kind of climbing gear. If you are unsure of the proper use of any piece of climbing equipment do not use it until you have sufficient safety training and experience.


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