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  anchor hook 30 mm  
anchor hook 30 mm

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  The gear4rocks anchor hooks are versatile hooks for use as light protection and artificial holds when ice and mixed climbing or as a handy tool when solving canyoneering problems. Made of hardened steel and available in a range of sizes (blade lengths 80-30mm) these hooks have an upper and lower eye and keep forces close to the rock/ice. The unique profile accommodates easy placement as an ice piton but also has handy little hooks and grabs for placement of an etrier when you gut stuck in a cold stinky pot in a slot canyon and try to 'MacGyver' your way out with tent poles, chewing gum and dental floss. For hard rocks types.
  • hardened steel
  • an upper (8 mm) and lower (10 mm) eye
  • Profile designed for use as an ice piton or an artificial hold
  • Great protection when climbing ice or mixed routes
  • Versatile hold for canyoneering and aid climbing
  • Accepts rope and steel cable 8 mm to 12 mm in diameter
  • Available individually or as a set
  • 30 day money back guarantee

# blade length, mm thickness , mm weight , kg
1 30 3.0 0.023


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Climbing is a dangerous activity and proper training is necessary before using any kind of climbing gear. If you are unsure of the proper use of any piece of climbing equipment do not use it until you have sufficient safety training and experience.


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