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gear4rocks 2 Axle Cams (Set of 4) Review
Hello Everyone. Some of you may have read Phil’s or my past reviews for a Ukrainian company called gear4rocks. After I did the review for the metal nut set, they sent me a set of their 2-axle cams for reviewing. I have been climbing with them for the past couple weeks, and have some observations.

Here are some specs to start us off.
Gear 4 Rocks 2 axle cams

#1 Range 35-60mm Weight 175g
#2 Range 43-72mm Weight 215g
#3 Range 52-87mm Weight 260g
#4 Range 65-105mm Weight 300g

Black Diamond C4s
1 Range 30.2-52.1mm Weight 134g
2 Range 37.2-64.9 mm Weight 158g
3 Range 50.7-87.9 mm Weight 201g
4 Range 66.0-114.7 mm Weight 278g

Wild Country Helium Friends
2.5 Range 33-55mm Weight 122g
3 Range 43-66mm Weight 155g
3.5 Range 51-82mm Weight 178g
4 Range 64-100mm Weight 217g

As you can see from the chart, because of the two axle design, the gear4rocks cams do have a good expansion range. However, on the weight end of the spectrum, they are heavier.

From an appearance standpoint, these cams have many good attributes. They are very similar in basic design to the older generation of black diamond cams.

The lobes are vibrant colors (not anodized, but seemingly painted)

They come with colorful nylon slings.

As previously stated, they have two axles

Holes in the lobes to save weight.

Overall the cams feel sturdy, and extremely durable.

All this is good; however, I thought the highlight of these cams was their performance on the rock. The range really is noticeable, and they fit well in common situations.

The action is surprisingly smooth, and the lobes set well in the rock.

I reach for them consistantly, and feel confident climbing above them. I have also been impressed with the durability of these cams. The only wear is small paint chippings on the lobes. Other than that, they seem good as new.

In the end, these cams do what they are supposed to. They have nice range, and inspire confidence; they are durable, and they are cheap. The only downside is the weight. If you are looking for light cams for an alpine rack, these aren’t for you. But for a new leader, looking to start a rack, or anyone for whom weight isn’t a big deal, these are a good option. If you are looking for cheap doubles/triples for the creek, these could also work. Overall gear4rocks has a decent product, and they perform as expected.
Best Regards,
Michael Neuder

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